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Are Your Prescriptions Making You Sicker?

I’ve been vindicated! 

Back in 2009 I appeared on KSCO Radio’s The Wellness Hour with Bernie Owens. Back then on that show I laid out the facts about cholesterol and statin drugs as I saw them using the drug manufacturers own research to back up my opinions.

  • I pointed out back then that inflammation was a better predictor of cardiovascular events than cholesterol. In fact I stated on that show that cholesterol had NOTHING TO DO WITH HEART DISEASE, that it was actually a warning sign.
  • I laid out how, when you actually look at a lot of the research on statin drugs and look at the raw numbers, not the conclusions at the beginning and end of the articles but the raw numbers, many times there wasn’t any real significant, statistical difference in outcomes of cholesterol lowering from the placebo groups.
  • I showed that statin drugs actually do 2 things. 1 it;s true they lower cholesterol but 2 they are actually anti-inflammatory as well and it was this property that produced the positive cardiovascular benefits.
  • I showed that lowering cholesterol numbers actually caused many other problems ranging from issues with muscles because of co Q 10 depletion, low testosterone, low vitamin d, increased risk of cancer, and increase risk of Alzheimer disease. So it is really refreshing now to have a well-known cardiologist back up some of what I said back then.
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