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Clemson University Study

To see the full report click here. San Diego, CA – January 25, 2013 – Youngevity® Essential Life Sciences (, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AL International, Inc. (OTC Pink: JCOF) (, a fast growing, innovative, global direct marketer of healthy lifestyle and nutritional products and gourmet fortified coffee, announced today the exciting results of a series ofContinue reading “Clemson University Study”

Dr. Wallach… The Father of Liquid Vitamins and Minerals.

  “I’ll treat you like a dog but you will get better.” Dr Joel Wallach HAVE A HEALTH CHALLENGE?WANT MORE INFORMATION?TAKE DR WALLACH’S FREE HEALTH EVALUATION TODAY: CLICK HERE A biomedical research pioneer, Dr. Wallach, DVM, ND spent more than 40 years in the field of Veterinary Medicine, observing and researching the effects of individualContinue reading “Dr. Wallach… The Father of Liquid Vitamins and Minerals.”

Are Your Prescriptions Making You Sicker?

I’ve been vindicated!  Back in 2009 I appeared on KSCO Radio’s The Wellness Hour with Bernie Owens. Back then on that show I laid out the facts about cholesterol and statin drugs as I saw them using the drug manufacturers own research to back up my opinions. I pointed out back then that inflammation wasContinue reading “Are Your Prescriptions Making You Sicker?”

Dead Athletes Don’t Lie

Dr Wallach discusses the effects of mineral depletion among athletes. I have to tell you why athletes are the early warning system. “Couch potatoes” by definition, are people who go to extraordinary efforts not to sweat. They make every human effort not to sweat. They’re changing the tv channels, “honey bring in the popcorn I’mContinue reading “Dead Athletes Don’t Lie”


by Joel D. Wallach, BS, DVM, NDEveryone ‘knows’ the medical dogma that “exercise is good for you.” Now as Paul Harvey says, “You are going to hear the rest of the story!” Exercise without complete and optimal supplementation is self destructive and suicidal!  After dropping this heretical bombshell, I will give you enough food forContinue reading “EXERCISE WITHOUT SUPPLEMENTATION IS SUICIDE!”

90 For Life Program

90 For Life Program “It’s not what you eat that kills you, it’s what you don’t eat. If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, educate yourself and start with the Healthy Start Pack. The key to health is giving your body all 90 essential nutrients needs.” – Dr Joel Wallach HEALTHY NUTRITION The keyContinue reading “90 For Life Program”

Healing is Easy

Dr. Wallach’s #1 Goal Is To Help You Fix Your Health Problems Click Here To hear Dr. Wallachs presentation, Dead Doctor’s Don’t Lie Dr. Wallach has discovered that over 900 different health problems are a direct result of being deficient in the 90 essential nutrients. Your body does NOT make these 90 essential nutrients.  YouContinue reading “Healing is Easy”

Why Cures are Not Available

Why Cures are Not Available Dr. Joel Wallach says that there are many cures for diseases and conditions, but they’re not available because the traditional western medical establishment doesn’t want them. Dr. Wallach illustrates why this is and what needs to happen to allow certain cures to become mainstream. Join Dr. Wallach to get thisContinue reading “Why Cures are Not Available”

100,000 Athletes Drop Dead

Did You Know 100,000 Athletes Between the Ages of 13 and 30 Drop Dead During or After Exercise Each Year? Post 2 30% to 35% of these deaths were do to ruptured aneurysm  60% of these deaths are do to cardiomyopathies More Interesting Facts: Reggie Lewis 27 collapsed at playoff with Boston Celtics and diagnosedContinue reading “100,000 Athletes Drop Dead”