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Artificial Sweetener Ups Appetite in Women, People With Obesity

Marlene Busko October 05, 2021 A new study suggests that replacing sugar (sucrose) with the nonnutritive sweetener sucralose may not have the desired weight-loss effect, and in fact, it appears to increase appetite in women and people with obesity.null These are novel insights and further studies are needed, experts say. After consuming a drink sweetened withContinue reading “Artificial Sweetener Ups Appetite in Women, People With Obesity”

Could Low-Fat Diets be Contributing to Obesity?

Scientific studies dating as far back as the 1940’s showed that there may be some connection to high fat diets and high-cholesterol levels. In the 1960’s we see for the first time that a low-fat diet may be a good idea for everyone not just high risk heart patients. In the 1980’s physicians, federal governmentContinue reading “Could Low-Fat Diets be Contributing to Obesity?”