SUNSHINE: Vitamin D Slows Colon Cancer Progression

 I just wanted to take a moment and share this article from Medscape that once again shows the benefits of Vitamin D3. SUNSHINE: Vitamin D Slows Colon Cancer Progression Nick Mulcahy ( 07, 2017 CHICAGO – In recent years, observational data have shown that higher plasma levels of vitamin D are associated with improved survival in colorectalContinue reading “SUNSHINE: Vitamin D Slows Colon Cancer Progression”

Multiple Sclerosis – Mineral Deficiencies

2013/01/02 by Keith Abell, RPh cMTM MI I just completed a continuing education program on Multiple Sclerosis for my Pharmacist License requirements. The interesting thing about MS is the medical system doesn’t really know the causes. There are all kinds of theories about the cause but so far continued research has not proven any ofContinue reading “Multiple Sclerosis – Mineral Deficiencies”

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