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Welcome to the Campaign For Nutrition Blog. Pharmacist Keith’s Prescription for Health, Wellness, and Prosperity

Keith Abell, RPh cMTM cWHC MI

The greatest medicine is to teach people how not to need it.

Dr. Joel Wallach

Hi, I’m Keith Abell. I am a pharmacist, a wholistic health coach and a business entrepreneur. As a pharmacist I am concerned about your health. Everyday in my pharmacy practice I see just how unhealthy folks are in our society. I can honestly say that the vast majority of the un-healthy conditions that I see are directly a result of the lack of proper nutrition in our lives today.

Because of this lack of proper nutrition, many folks are spending a small fortune on medications that quite frankly do nothing more than manage their symptoms. Our medical system today does not “cure” most medical conditions. Why should it! The drug manufacturers are making a fortune keeping us “almost” healthy. 

I became a pharmacist to make a difference in peoples health and well being. I never intended to become a part of the problem. Today I do everything I can to educate folks on the roles that nutrition and supplementation play on their health. That is why I teamed up with Dr. Wallach and created this website.  

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